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Debt recovery made easy.

Collect It Online is a debt collection management system for business.
Pay only $15 per letter. Save thousands in collection fees.

  • One-click demand letter generation
  • Eliminate expensive debt collection fees
  • Achieve maximum results
  • Management dashboard for statistics

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Debt Collection

Create demand letters with the click of a button.

Debt collection agencies just became redundant.

Simple Debt Management

Simple debt management.

Manually enter your debts into the Dashboard or import the data in bulk from a spreadsheet.

One Click Demand Letters

One-click letter generation.

Create multiple demand letters with a single click without any complex mail merges. It couldn't get any easier.

Real Debt Collection Letters

Real debt collection letters.

Each letter is presented on our debt collection agency's letterhead making your debtors sit up and take notice!

The Dashboard. Track debts and recovery rate.

We'll lead you through the debt collection process.

Online debt recovery

Effortless debt recovery.

The Dashboard is designed to make your debt recovery tasks as simple as possible. Track your debt and debtor status and overall recovery rate.

What if the debtor doesn't pay?

Never fear, sometimes the debt recovery process can consist of several stages. We'll guide you through them all for the best possible chance of collecting your hard earned money.

Eliminate expensive debt collection fees.

Become a debt recovery pro using Collect It Online's automated debt collection system.
With no commission fees, you'll pay only $15 per letter.

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